Equipment Review: Best Nonstick Skillets

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Questions & answers

Romo Romo says:
Whats the difference in the materials?
I've always wanted to know what the difference was between non-stick pans compare to stainless steel pans? i always wanted to buy some stainless steel ones, but was worried that some food would stick to it and might actually after awhile, damage...
Hi Romo.... I'm a "teflon & cast iron" girl :), so I can't comment on stainless steel pots & pans. Have a look at this site, they discuss the various pots & pans:...
Askwhy Askwhy says:
Does someone know about ceramic titanium coated cookware as an alternative to teflon?
Looking for a non stick cookware option that is non toxic. What is your experience with the ceramic titanium coatings? What is a good brand? Have seen mixed reviews of Scanpan; not familiar with it.
Carole F says:
I have no answer concerning the ceramic titanium coatings, but I do have experience with Scan pan. I bought them for both here in MI and for FL. This year I got rid of it all, which was really...

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