Progressus ServIt Hot Plate Heaters, Pack of 4

  • Rims stay cool to the touch
  • Durable and reusable set of 4
  • Multiple plates may be heated at once
  • Hot food tastes best when served on a hot...
  • Heats the center of a plate in less than...
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Price: $12.06
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lynn dan HEAT PLATE DINNER MMMMM baked tortallini FIRE FIRE and ceasar salad

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HotSmart Hot Gourmet Plates - InstaHot 30 minute Plus (Patented)

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  • KEEPS FOOD HOT (throughout the meal!). Needs ONLY ONE min. microwaving
  • Gourmet Plate in elegant BONE CHINA; can be used for formal dinners
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY The only plate IN THE WORLD with a microwave absorbing core

Customer reviews (see all 63 reviews)

WOW! Buy this plate, you will not be disappointed., September 4, 2009
The plate is wonderful, it does the job just as advertised. The plate comes with instructions on recommended microwave time for the wattage of the microwave. My microwave is 1100 watts so I heated the plate for 1 minute, it was able to keep the...

Possible fix for leakage problems with Hot Plates, November 1, 2010
I ordered two of these plates and did not overheat them in the microwave. I also hand washed to try and avoid the problems others had before me. Unfortunately, one of my plates lost it's seal and water got inside. I called and actually talked...

Cracked, September 5, 2012
I put my HotSmart plate in the microwave today, and it came out with an enormous crack as long as 3/4 of the plate.I bought mine several months ago and I've noticed that as time has gone by, I've had to heat it longer and longer in the...

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Thanksgiving Letter 2: Heat Loss - Awkward Family Photos

November 5th, 2013 My family has so many crazy holiday stories that viewing AFP’s Thanksgiving Letter has become an annual tradition. One year, my wife and I hosted Thanksgiving for our extended family of 25+ people. My 92-year-old father – a man who, at that time, still took daily two-mile walks, managed four.


Questions & answers

siva992 siva992 says:
Do you have to warm dinner plates when serving a 5 course meal?
When serving a 5 course dinner, do we have to warm the dinner plates? Or do people warm the plates for hygiene purpose? Or is it because they put it in a dryer that why it's warm? If yes, how to do it the easier way without any other equipments?
ANDY says:
Savage serenity Savage serenity says:
What are ordinary dinner plates made of?
Are they ceramic? What are they made of? I mean the heavy dinner plates, not plastic ones.
karin says:
Most (non plastic/metal) plates are made out of pottery which includes earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Earthenware is a common ceramic material, which is used extensively for pottery...

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Pour sugar and cinnamon into a dinner plate and stir to combine, then spread evenly in the dish. On another plate In a large saucepan combine water, brown sugar, pumpkin puree and bring to a gentle boil over medium heat, then stir in margarine to melt.
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Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions

Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions

Published by John Wiley & Sons 2012
ISBN 1118220528,9781118220528
592 pages
The thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition of Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions offers a review of the management and operation of health care foodservice departments. This edition of the book—which has become the standard in the field of institutional and health care foodservice—contains the most current data on the successful management of daily operations and includes information on a wide range of topics such as leadership, quality control, human resource management, product selection and purchasing, environmental issues, and financial management. This new edition also contains information on the practical operation of the foodservice department that has been greatly expanded and updated to help institutions better meet the needs of the customer and comply with the regulatory agencies' standards. Topics covered include: Leadership and Management Skills Marketing and Revenue-Generating Services Quality Management and Improvement Planning and Decision Making Organization and Time Management Team Building Effective Communication Human Resource Management Management Information Systems Financial Management Environmental Issues and Sustainability Microbial, Chemical, and Physical Hazards HACCP, Food Regulations, Environmental Sanitation, and Pest Control Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Menu Planning Product Selection Purchasing Receiving, Storage, and Inventory Control Food Production Food Distribution and Service Facility Design Equipment Selection and Maintenance Learning objectives, summary, key terms, and discussion questions included in each chapter help reinforce important topics and concepts. Forms, charts, checklists, formulas, policies, techniques, and references provide invaluable resources for operating in the ever-changing and challenging environment of the foodservice industry.


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Ug. This dinner was subpar. And took forever because I effed up the brown rice. And I think I also added too much paprika to the rub, or too much worchestershire to the sauce. Whatever it was, I wish this dinner kinda...
Harrison, Nicolas, and Jeffrey came over for dinner tonight. We cooked a treasured family recipe that Harrison's great-grandmother got off of the food network's website way back in the old country. Chicken Parmesan...


RT @OhThats_Ijnne: “@KellSaffron: & when he cook it taste like he he heated up a tv dinner & put it on some plates...”
“@KellSaffron: & when he cook it taste like he he heated up a tv dinner & put it on some plates...”
& when he cook it taste like he he heated up a tv dinner & put it on some plates...

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